I love my 3DConnexion 3D mouse, don’t get me wrong. But even the recent version 10 drivers have left me wanting more. I want to control reality like I do my viewport. As it turns out, that might be doable. 3DConnexion posted a video on Youtube, showing them controlling a Parrot AR Drone with a 3Dconnexion mouse. You may have seen the video before, but it’s so worth seeing again.

YouTube video

Alas, they give no detail about how they do it. It looks like there is a Parrot AR Drone SDK, and I’m guessing that was the special sauce in making this real world application of controlling things. As much time as I’ve spent honing my sweet left-handed 3D mouse skills, I wish my daughter had come with an SDK.

Source: YouTube
Photo: 3DConnexion