We just know how you love to climb into a steel barrel or tractor tire and roll yourself down a steep, rocky crevasse. Ahhhh, the small joys and severe skull fractures of life.

There are actually better ways to navigate the rough and tumble terrain you adore. One of those would be a very large truck with very large wheels and a mean suspension. Even better, it could look way old school and also be designed in SolidWorks. Guess what? That’s exactly what ICON 4×4 builds. Their latest creation? The CJ3B.

Old is Better

Don’t you just love the old Broncos and Land Cruisers? There’s nothing more stylish that, fitted with the proper accessories, just begs to be taken out for a good tromp through the rough. The old, traditional style of off-road vehicles are ICON’s focus. They know the passion many have for vintage style rock crawlers and they use SolidWorks to get it done right.

We designed this one in SolidWorks form scratch, with a dedicated coil suspension chassis, production Rubicon axle assemblies, Jeep application AX15 five speed and New Process 231 transfer case. Target weight of 2400 lbs, 260 HP. We will build a dozen or so as full turn key vehicles, thus refining the process to allow for clients to purchase it in “kit form” – Jalopnik

However, they don’t come cheap. The current FJ40 models available from ICON start making you reach for the nearest finance option at $92,000. The CJ3B rolls out this fall with approximately 12 available and plans to offer a kit form later on for those Hallmark father-son weekends of grease and steel.

Via Jalopnik – Hat Tip to Keith. Thanks!


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