The future of virtual reality promises immersive experiences that will completely redefine how we create and consume content. While we may not totally be there yet, some non-gaming VR “utilities” have been springing up that give further insight into what kind of experiences a VR headset will offer those who might consider using one for non-gaming applications. Among others that stand out is Virtual Desktop 1.0.

Developed for the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, the $15 Virtual Desktop 1.0 VR utility enables headset wearers to use their existing computer in a custom virtual reality environment.

In practice, this means that applications that are already used can be projected into virtual space and ultimately, any surrounding environment that you feel like computing in – be it a rainforest, a desert, outer space or even a virtual movie theater.

Here’s the rundown:

YouTube video

Although you’ll need a $600-$800 VR headset to get started, the $15 price is a very low barrier of entry into what just might be the future of personal computing.

Find out more over at Steam.


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