It started as a prank that went viral and had some wondering if Nintendo lost their minds. The prank in question was centered on a supposedly ‘leaked’ image of a new controller design for Nintendo’s upcoming new console designated NX, which was uploaded to reddit from a user known as Idriss2Dev, AKA David Im. The photo was immediately picked up by several well-known tech and news sites including NeoGAF, where the photo fell under intense scrutiny with users looking for any indication the photo was a fake. But how he pulled it off will leave you impressed.

Seems most couldn’t get around the controller’s seemingly unconventional design with pleas of ‘please be fake!’ Then, as quickly as it started, a second set of images from another reddit user perkele37, hit the web. These had more detail, with the appearance of an actual prototype that matched the design of the original image. Suddenly, msost non-believers were convinced the controller was in fact real.

After some time had passed and surprised at how much buzz was created, David spilled the beans in a YouTube video on how he created his image, constructed using actual patent designs from Nintendo, modeled in 3D Studio Max and then composited in Photoshop. The image wasn’t all that convincing with some even joking that it looked more like a rear-view mirror.

Not long after David’s video was released, perkele37 revealed himself as Finland-based CNC Design co-founder, Frank Sandqvist, uploading his own YouTube video where he explained how he created his real (non-functional) mockup, which was developed from David’s design, modeled in Fusion 360, 3D printed and finished to match the original photo, complete with tape over the sensor. He even threw in a ‘confidential property’ label, taken from actual Nintendo dev kits to make it look more authentic.

Both have apologized in their videos and for making some excited fans feel duped, however considering the negative reaction about the design from the online communities, maybe it’s a relief that they were fake (or maybe Nintendo is going back to the drawing board). Frank has since put his 3D files on Thingiverse for anyone interested in printing their own or using it for their own projects. Just shows what some Photoshop skills and access to a 3D printer can do. With news of Sony’s PS4.5 (codename Neo) and more news today of Microsoft testing a new Xbox prototype, maybe we’ll see images of those pop up next.




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