CadFaster, the makers of CadFaster|Collaborate, the BIM mobility app have retooled their marketing efforts, launching a new app for the MCAD market, MyCadbox. It’s a new product and a whole new website aimed at increasing your propensity to share models with others across the web and mobile devices. Is it ready for prime time?

Mycadbox… not yours

Why I picture a child tearing a laptop from another child’s hands and screaming ‘MY CAD BOX! ALL MINE!!” is… well, understandable perhaps, but that behavior is exactly the opposite of what MyCadbox is intended for. CadFaster wants you to use MyCadbox to share your CAD files with others. More specifically, they want you to collaborate with others on your CAD files in real-time. With all the other collaboration apps coming out, that is one thing that still sets the CadFaster apps apart. To explain, let’s back up a bit.

CadFaster was early on the CAD collaboration scene (December 2010 to be exact) with CadFaster|Collaborate and a very impressive method for sharing models and comments on those models across the web. Users create co-viewing sessions shared between multiple computers and mobile devices, all with synchronous, real-time views and mark-up capability. Although it was first shown to work with SolidWorks and Revit, they went further toward targeting the AEC/BIM market developing additional versions for Bentley SELECTseries and Vectorworks. It was priced with a fairly obscure subscription model that was different for each software and the amount of files you were hosting.

So now, they’re bringing that real-time collaboration to the MCAD market with MyCadbox using a whole new business model. They’ve simplified pricing, offering two tiers–a free version to share up to ten models and a Pro version to share up to 100 models, with faster model loading and support, available for $9.99/month. The supported filetype of choice is currently limited to STEP files–generic enough a format, but disappointing that it’s the only one supported.


There are two versions available–one for Windows and one for iPad–with single sign-on and files synced across each. Though it’s touted as ‘Dropbox for CAD files’ there is currently now desktop syncing tool, that would allow simple drag-n-drop of your files into a folder for viewing on the web or via mobile. You can download the iPad app on iTunes and the Windows app at



Press Release / Click to expand

CAD model sharing, mobility and collaboration taken to the next level with the release of MyCadbox™ by CadFaster
Online CAD viewer enables ultra-fast viewing, sharing, markup, and co-viewing of 3D CAD models anytime, anywhere

SAN JOSE, Calif. and LONDON – March 4, 2013 — In a move that takes online CAD viewers to the next level, CadFaster, Inc. ( today announced the public beta availability of MyCadbox™ (, touted as “Dropbox for CAD files”.

As anyone working with CAD models will know, sharing and viewing of 3D models can be cumbersome. Large files, complex software and lack of mobile apps make model sharing difficult. Tracking files containing markups from different team members becomes a formidable challenge. MyCadbox is addressing this challenge with quick and easy model sharing and collaboration.

“Our clients told us that CAD models take too long to open and they are difficult to share for collaboration”, said Janne Hietanen, CTO, CadFaster. “MyCadbox optimization has reduced the opening time to a fraction of conventional tools’ opening time. MyCadbox enables quick automated sharing and immediate access to your CAD models on mobile devices and desktops.”

This public beta release of MyCadbox supports STEP format and is available today at MyCadbox iPad app is available through Apple at MyCadbox has Free and Pro versions.

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About CadFaster
CadFaster develops innovative software products that enable ultra-fast 3D experiences in CAD applications. Based in Oulu, Finland, CadFaster was founded by a team of highly skilled software professionals. The company’s other product, CadFaster|Collaborate, is a collaboration tool for Autodesk, Bentley and Vectorworks users. For more information, please visit Join MyCadbox Facebook page or follow MyCadbox on Twitter @MyCadbox. Email any inquiries to

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  • Tuomas Holma

    We have just added any-browser viewing to MyCadbox. So no WebGL needed to get a model preview, on mobile as well. Other updates include rewards for invites, easier sharing, dashboard access from mobile, IGES support. Check for more.

  • Andrew E

    I’m currently reviewing MyCADBox at the moment, along with the other usual suspects for CAD file sharing. For straight file sharing, it’s hard to beat a shared DropBox folder. Of course GrabCAD has had some major improvements lately and Team Platform shows some real promise as well. AutoDesk 360 would be better if it had STP/IGS capabilities too.

    The viewer program looks promising, since having a lightweight viewer for sales & corporate management types to view STP files has typically been a difficult process. Having web-viewing and file management is a must these days. Opening the file directly from an email is a plus. But I 100% agree with you Josh that a drag & drop folder style infrastructure is needed. Rip & pivot from DropBox.

    Problem is, I won’t be testing the Windows program since I run a Mac – will have to rely on my designers’ opinions.

    Video above is pretty bad – what’s with the robot voice? They definitely need to rethink that one.

    What I will be looking for is a ability to send download links to a customer or colleague. A URL the immediately starts to download the file (again a rip off of DropBox). That is after a quick look in the web viewer.


  • Josh M

    The only one I know of at the moment with what you’re describing is TeamPlatform. …was pretty basic, but has gotten better.TeamPlatform is definitely more team/project management oriented but still has a lot of support for viewing 3d formats in a browser.

  • Tuomas Holma

    Thanks for the feedback! Sharing does create an email with a link that opens the model directly. Adding models is now integrated to Windows Explorer so it does create a problem for Mac users. On iPad you can add models from email attachments or Dropbox. We have taken note on the drag & drop infrastructure though.

    What features are you looking for in the collaboration itself? Is sharing and viewing enough or do you look for other features?

    The robot woman is our friend so we had to give her a chance with the dubbing. I hope she now realizes she has to go…

  • Andrew E

    Great, integration with the DropBox infrastructure will get rid of any Mac issues – file issues that is, not the native program. Which is fine too since installing a program on my machine is not where I want to be.

    File sharing, online viewing, notes, markups, etc. That’s mostly what we’re looking for in a collaboration tool.

    On more thing with file sharing that I’m starting to try to formulate into an idea:
    I have a freelancing client that I want to have a shared folder for file sharing and online viewing. However, I am just managing the project and have an employee or outsourced CAD designer complete the actual designs. How can I have them both having access to the folder for upload/download without them being able to see or communicate with each other directly? Wouldn’t like my customers to steal my designers or vice versa….