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Prepare your nubs. Not by sticking them in the sauce… or your mouth. Prepare them for 5 flexible ways of moving your 3D data about. We often choose to have the two halves of our brains split by the keyboard, a 2D mouse on one side, a 3D mouse on the other. What if you had all of that capability and more, in a single 5-finger device? Double Research & Development Co. is poking double the joy in our eyes with the Amenbo 5 finger mouse they’re showing off. The device is a 3D printed base with 5 finger sensors that are able to sense the finger whether in contact with the sensor or not. There are quite a few possibilities, the least of which is combining multi-mouse functionality. Check this out…

One example of an application for this system is manipulating 3D CAD data. Sometimes manipulating 3D CAD data requires using a 3D mouse and a regular mouse using both hands, but in this system the functions can be combined and operated with one hand. DigInfo

Now, the Amenbo 5-Finger Mouse may very well be the next evolution of the 3D mouse, but there’s a step beyond even this which lends itself perfectly to working with 3D data. Think of this. Turn this 5 finger piece of hardware, into software. Then, get it up off the desk. Not on the screen. In 3D space, on the model even – points that trigger, react and adapt to you your modeling workflow. Even better, how about putting that other hand to use, now that you don’t need a 2D and 3D mouse anymore. Kazumasa Ueno, head of the Control systems group at double research and development

Double research and development Diginfo via Via Engadget. Thanks Butch!

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