What would CAD look like if you started fresh, and built it from the ground up for the way engineers work today?

…so says the text on the spankin’ new Onshape homepage.

No seriously, what would it look like?

The venture-backed company has been busy applying cloud, web and mobile technologies to develop a new-take on CAD…and has assembled an impressive team from a multitude of industries to make it happen.

The original SolidWorks crew who are leading Onshape include:

  • Jon Hirschtick: Founder and CEO of SolidWorks and group executive at Dassault Systemes
  • Dave Corcoran: Executive VP of R&D at SolidWorks and one of the original developers
  • Scott Harris: Co-founder and VP of new product concepts at SolidWorks
  • Michael Lauer: Consulting software engineer and group leader at SolidWorks
  • John Mceleney: CEO of SolidWorks
  • Ilya Mirman: Executive VP of Marketing at SolidWorks


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