Today, President Barack Obama, did a first. He published an article on Medium, a crowd-driven story publishing site. It didn’t have to do with any crazy policies or world events. It was about makers, the ‘new economy,’ and how students are pushing America forward.

“I saw this new economy at Pittsburgh’s TechShop, one in a chain of community centers where members get access to professional tools, equipment, and software, as well as the space they need to make or design or prototype almost anything — for the same price you’d pay for a gym membership.”

Even though there are bits to argue with (like getting kids off loan debt instead of “making student loan payments more affordable” and dealing with an actual 12.6% unemployment rate instead of saying “the unemployment rate is below 6 percent”), we can all agree, for many kids who graduate from tech-focused schools, that “along with their diploma, they’ve earned real-world skills they need to fill the jobs we know are available right now.”

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