While the ‘BendGate’ issues of the iPhone 6 Plus have certainly put a sour taste in Jony Ives’ tea over the past couple of weeks, it is merely just a hiccup in an otherwise storied career for the famed industrial designer.

The notoriously shy Ives recently invited an interviewer from Vogue Magazine into Apple’s top-secret Cupertino design workshop to take a tour and look at the latest products—including the Apple Watch—weeks before their official announcement in early September.

While the interview tends to be a semi-biographical tale like most other interviews with Ive in the past ten years, it does however include some mentions of what the environment is like at Apple’s workshop as well as some further details on Ive’s perspective of today’s design schools, among other topics.

Among other interesting facts picked up in the article:

  • Ives’ father was a silversmith and his grandfather, an engineer
  • His father made him sketch out designs for projects before building them, including a sled and a treehouse
  • The design workshop prefers a steady beat of techno music while working
  • Ive patented the sound of the Apple Watch snapping to your wrist

Check out the article in full over at Vogue.


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