“An enigma, paradox, conundrum, problem, mystery, riddle, puzzle, question, perplexity, Bing is out of synonyms!”

We’ve all wanted to know…but always get so wrapped up in just enjoying the dang things that we always lose count. This new Kickstarter project aims to solve the mystery once and for all:

In 1931, one question arose that has plagued those who would have the courage to face it: How many licks to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

Studies have been performed but we can’t always trust others for answers we must find ourselves. Who knows what special interest groups have influenced them, what their hidden agenda is, or why they refuse to share their data maybe? With a conspiracy like this, it is up to YOU to find the answer and not rely on the testimony of anyone else. Never trust anyone who claims they have the answer. Except in this case because you can totally trust me guys, cross my heart.

Check it out over on Kickstarter.


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