Gaming has become a new platform for showing your talent and intelligence. It’s a very effective workout for the mind. In earlier days, people used to play games just for fun and to pass the time but not anymore. Now it has become a new career option. People get paid for gaming. People also like to see the online gameplay of many gamers and record their gameplay. However, it’s not an easy task to record gameplay as there are many things to keep in mind while recording gameplay, including the sound of the game, human voice, clear visuality, etc. UniConverter does all these tasks for you. So today, we will discuss how to record game screens with UniConverter in 2022.

What Does It Take to Record a Game Video

There are several different ways in which you can record your game screenplay. However, if you want to record the video like a professional with a clear HD vision and high quality, you must have the following skills. 

Record HD Quality Videos With System Audio and Your Voice

People like to see every slightest detail in the gameplay, so it’s essential to record the game in HD quality. The clear voice of the game is also important as it makes the gameplay look more clear. Lastly, your voice should be there as it will help the viewers to understand the gameplay even better. It also makes the video more interesting. To get all these in your record video you must have a good video screen recorder. 

You Can Choose Full-Screen Recording and Custom Screen Recording

A good professional game screen recorder lets you choose between full-screen recording and custom screen recording. So if you choose, you want to record the full-screen gameplay video for high-quality gameplay or make your own choice of screen space for recording gameplay. 

Record Your Webcam and Screen Simultaneously 

Adding a personal touch to your gameplay video will make it look even more entertaining and attractive. You can record the webcam and screen simultaneously. By doing so, you can record your face in the gameplay. 

Switch Screen While Recording

There are many popular online multiplayer games available. With a professional screen recorder, you can show the gameplay of all players. It will let you record the game from different aspects. 

In this article, we will discuss mainly how to use UnConverter to Record the Game Screen on Mac, Windows, and Online. 

How to Record a Game Video With UniConverter

Here are a few ways in which you can record your gameplay using the free video converter software UniConverter:

How To Record Game Video On Windows

Recording game videos on Windows has become very easy and simple using UniConverter. Follow the steps given below to record your gameplay video.

Step 1: For the recording, the screen clicks on the left side of the screen on the Application Recorder Tab. Select the file you want to record with the location. After this, choose from the menu the screen recorder program you want and tap on start recording.

Step 2: Choose a gaming app to record by selecting Application. To record the system’s sound, click on the microphone option. For recording your voice, select an auto-output device. 

Step 3: To change the recording quality, keyboard shortcuts, and fame rate, click on the setting option.

Step 4: After adjusting everything, click on Rec to start recording. 

How to Record Game Video on Mac

UniConverter is a video converter for Mac where you can record your game screen. Here are some steps to record gameplay on Mac using UniConverter. 

Step 1: Install the Wondershare UniConverter application on your Mac. Once you have the app open it and tap on the Screen Recorder in the main menu, then from the drag-drop option, select Video Recording. 

Step 2: Turn on Webcam Window. This will enable you to picture-in-picture video recording. 

Step 3: Press the Rec button to start recording. 

How to Record Game Video on is another amazing software for recording screen gameplay, and it’s very easy to operate. Following are the steps for recording the game video

Step 1: Tap on the Record Screen Now to start the recording process. For screencast, tap on the camera recording mode and use screen recording for picture-in-picture video. 

Step 2: If you want to record your voice attach an audio input device to your computer. Select the size of the screen and tap on the Start Recording option. 

Step 3: You can also share the recorded screen on your timeline with its amazing features. 

Pros and Cons of UniConverter


Capture Background

UniConverter can capture games, movies, or live streams in the background. So you don’t have to worry about the cuts in the recording. 

Record While Browsing Other Websites

You can record any app in the background while browsing other websites. 

HD Quality

All the desktop apps and gameplay will be recorded in full HD quality. 


You can add many different effects to your video, including PiP and annotations, to make it look more attractive. 


You can record the system sound effects, webcam, and record screen in perfect quality. 


Not Entirely Free

You can use UniConverter for free for a trial with some restrictions, but you have to pay some price to use it to its fullest. 


UniConverter can be used on Windows, Mac, and online. It’s an advanced AI-powered video recorder where you can record and edit your gameplay like a pro.