PDF is one of the most extensively used document formats in various departments for one reason they can be shared across numerous platforms without hassle. The introduction of editable pdf formats has made paperless work easier than ever. However, one requires a good online tool to create editable pdf files. With a bunch of paid and unpaid tool options available on the Internet, selecting the most appropriate one becomes a complex process. 

Moreover, the process of creating an editable pdf gets more complicated when searching for features that will help you make a perfect pdf. Therefore, to alleviate your dilemma, we bring to you a unique pdf maker tool that has numerous amazing features enabling you the creation of a desirable pdf. 

Introduction of Wondershare PDFelement 

Wondershare PDFelement is a free pdf editor that provides an easy solution for managing all kinds of pdf files. What makes it a popular choice is the compatibility of the application on the world’s major devices like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android at the same time.

Accessorized with multiple wonderful extensive tools, it is an all-in-one pdf editor that assists users in creating a perfect editable pdf file without any hassle. One can tailor their approach by adding pictures, and links, editing text, translating, converting, OCR, and doing many more things to their pdf files. 

Though PDFelement is renowned for being a great editing tool, it also has exquisite creation features, which makes it a popular choice in the PDF management market. 

Furthermore, the app has an easy-to-use interface and provides everything for free. This article will introduce you to several methods by which you can create a pdf file with the best pdf maker, PDFelement. 

Create PDF Files in Several Ways 

With the availability of a diverse range of creation features, Wondershare PDFelement has made designing an editable PDF file easier and handier. Let’s have a look at the numerous ways of creating one:

1. Create PDF From Microsoft Office File

PDFelement understands that creating a pdf file from scratch may be a boring and challenging task for you. Therefore, it brings you a feature by which you can import a Microsoft Office file and convert it to a pdf format directly. It supports a variety of formats, including PPTX, DOCX, XLSX, LOG, GIF, JPE, JPEG, and CONFIG. Thereby enabling users to convert and create pdf files of any format without hassle. This makes it a convenient option in the PDF maker market. 

2. Create PDF From Clipboard 

Why limit your important documents only to the clipboard when you can create a whole pdf out of it? PDFelement makes it possible for people to allocate and create a pdf through them. By using the create feature, you can document an article through the saved contents on the clipboard properly and instantly. 

3. Create PDF From Images

PDFelement provides an innovative way to create pdf files from the images saved on your device. To get started, one just needs to scan the pictures through the tool. Once the pdf gets created, you can convert it into the editable format just by clicking on the OCR option located on the tool. 

4. Create PDF From the Print Function

PDFelement introduces this unique feature wherein one can create a pdf from the print function. Unbelievable, right? Well, to optimize it, you need to open a file on another platform and send the ‘Print’ command. Select the Pdfelement from the printer option and create a pdf document through it. 

5. Create Blank PDF

We’re sure you would know/use this feature at least once in your lifetime. Creating a blank pdf is the easiest possible way to create an editable pdf file. 

6. Batch Create PDF Document 

PDFelement understands and values your time. Therefore, it brings a batch-to-create feature through which you can create multiple pdfs directly by selecting/adding desired files/folders. 

How to Create PDF Files With PDFelement 

Creating an editable pdf file is one of the easiest features presented by the Wondershare Pdfelement application. To create an editable pdf file, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Open PDFelement 

The first and foremost step is to download and install the PDFelement application. Being available on nearly every operating device, switching to it is the easiest task ever. Then, look for the ‘Create PDF’ option on the home page. Press it as you find it. 

Step 2: Create PDF 

After tapping the ‘Create PDF’ option, a small dialogue box appears displaying the various above-mentioned options to create a pdf. Choose the option that suffices your motive. 

Step 3: Save the Created PDF

Then, you will be provided on-screen options to create an editable pdf file. Once all the things get done, click on the tick sign located above the file. This will save the created file. 

Other Features 

The benefits of using Wondershare PDFelement doesn’t limit here. The developers strive to improve the service by constantly adding new features and updating old ones. The additional features it offers are:

  • It comes with an OCR tool that offers users to convert documents into desirable pdf formats. 
  • It has made translating pdfs easier with more than 100 language support. 
  • Pdfelement serves as an excellent Pdf filler by allowing you to recognize and fill any pdf forms without degrading the document’s quality. 
  • Moreover, you can resize any pdf file by using the compress feature. 


Pdfelement is a great online pdf-creating tool that can be run on all operating systems. Packed with amazing features, varied languages, and format supports, this free pdf editor will serve both your purpose of creating a formatting and editable pdf file. All these features make Wondershare PDFelement a convenient option to create an editable pdf file without hassle.