polymer clay sculpture

mini nminecraft cave

Minecraft has been the source of inspiration for many creations, from in-game libraries all the way to real-life blocks. Speaking of real-life blocks, these tiny Minecraft worlds made by YouTuber WUZU clay are probably some of the smallest recreations of the video game I’ve ever seen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZyLCzpl3hM&ab_channel=WUZUclay I mean, just look at this tiny cave…

godzilla in resin

We all know how resin casting can be used to preserve some of the coolest things. From dissected cameras to a soggy McDonald’s cheeseburger, even the most disgusting things look cool when you fossilize them inside the hard resin. YouTuber JackJack’s creations prove it. Using polymer clay to create his sculptures, he encases his art…