After many requests and, since it’s all shiny and new, we figured, meh, why not? SolidSmack is now available on Apple News from the convenience of your iPhone or iPad. Just think of how classy you’ll look now, browsing SolidSmack on your iPad while standing in line for that coffee, or the amount of stories you’ll be able to catch up on during that extra long bathroom break. Fist bump.

How do I find SolidSmack on Apple News?

It’s quite simple. Ask Siri to put some mother lovin’ SolidSmack on your Apple News App stat, or open the app yourself and search for ‘SolidSmack’ or ‘Awesome’ (or any combination of the two), tap the + that shows up next to ‘SolidSmack’ and you’ll instantly feel the weight of your phone increase by .0289 grams. You’re all set? I mean, you’re all set!