While Richard Branson is attempting to wage war on worker’s boredom, one young entrepreneur is convinced that if you are bored at work, you’d might as well be bored and healthy. The new Perch desk is the “Revolutionary Sit-to-Stand Desk” that promises to be the most customizable, affordable and quickly interchangeable desk of its kind on the market. Let’s see how it works and how it compares.

According to the snazzy intro video on the Perch Kickstarter campaign (which has flown past $300,000 over the past month), Americans are shaving years off their life by sitting a whopping 8+ hours a day. I can believe that today… too many articles to read, Star Wars trailers to watch, and the ever-so-important cat gif to post on Facebook. We “evolved” from active upright cavemen to sedentary hunched-over office workers. So, will a cheap standing desk bring back the blood-flow and activity? Perch Co-creator Nick Salisbury thinks so and his Perch sit-to-stand desk might actually live up to the hype.


Ergonomic + Adjustable

The ergonomic desk is made with Baltic Birchwood and can hold up to 280 lbs. When you receive your desk, it includes 6-8 flat panels that can be fully assembled with zero tools, as each piece interlocks with another. This is how the desk lives up to its reputation for being the fastest interchangeable sit-to-stand desk. Whether you’re changing your screen height or the height of your Star Wars figurine collection, you can do it with ease.

The strong allure of the Perch desk is its ergonomic construction. The issue with most desks, in general, is that they’re meant to accommodate most people, but if your body composition is closer to that of either Shaq or Frodo, you’re SOL. Perch accommodates a wider range of human sizes, you can customize the desk to your liking and they have two sizes to choose from. Since it’s lightweight, you can transport it easily, too. Hell, if it’s as strong as they claim, maybe it can even withstand all of that LARPing you do on the weekends.

Perch Sit-to-Stand gif

How it Compares

While Perch is aesthetically targeting IKEA fans, it does offer a lot more flexibility than the competition. The UPLIFT 900 desk, for example, offers quick vertical mobility, but it only has one desktop surface, making it less ergonomic and a hell of a lot more expensive than the Perch Desk. I have an Uplift desk, I will admit. However, Uplift’s desks range between $600 & $3,000. The closest in price and functionality sans the wood is the Uprite Ergo at $325-$375. Right now, however, you can get your very own Perch desk for $200-$249 on Kickstarter.


If you’re in the market for a sit-to-stand desk, the Perch desk is a great option. If not, make sure you get up and stretch those legs of yours every 30 minutes while you’re at our desk, or driving for long periods or whatever. Sitting is horrible for the human body, and we want you to live a very, very long time.




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