vintage-coffee-ad.jpgActually, coffee could make me grow arms out my face as long as I was able to have some. I’m sure there’s studies on this, but what there probably isn’t any study on is,

“If bloggers get free flavored coffee, will Starshucks stop selling cinnamon scones and greeting people in a overly-friendly fashion?”

Joffreys Coffee & Tea Co. thinks it might be possible and is beta testing a marketing strategy by giving bloggers one of their new flavored coffees, Jamaican me Crazy.

Pretty good idea. Blogger write. Bloggers drink. Oh, and most enjoy the coffee. So I got some in the mail over the weekend and brewed up a pot this morning.

I absolutely love coffee
Ask my wife, I pretend it’s water. If coffee went into my lungs I would have coffee lungs and also probably be dead. But I haven’t had a flavored coffee yet that I like. For some reason, they all always taste like French Vanilla.

“Hello! Welcome. You have an amazing smile and people think you’re muscular.”
“uhhhhm…Hello, I’d liked one Hazelnut Latte please.”
“ok, sure! Is that a Hazelnut French Vanilla or a French Vanilla Latte?”

So, all I’m sayin’ is Joffrey, dude, give me a black cherry chocolate that doesn’t taste like French Vanilla. This is the first time I’ve tried their coffee. I haven’t heard of them before so I’d actually like to try their other stuff. Is it possible there’s such a thing as good flavored coffee?


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