Your business’s main language is the one you already know best – a language most people in the business already have to know to some degree. But it’s not enough. With globalization and increasing connectivity, it’s vital to keep up with new ways of doing things.

Learning a second language can open up a literal world of possibilities for you. This proactively leads to more opportunities but doesn’t come easy. Learning English on the other hand causes few complications and is a great starting point in your other-language journey.

Most Used Languages in Business

English is the most commonly spoken language in global business practices. Due to its phrases containing ambiguities, it’s imperative that you verify acceptance of these symbols before you proceed.

The world seems to have flipped over to the idea of English becoming the most widely used language for business. It’s understandable why this would be a given, as even English speakers of different levels give themselves an edge on career opportunities by taking advantage of English education. This is where Preply takes the lead in offering other languages while providing communication and negotiation tools that are essential in securing a high-quality job.

What business language do you need to succeed?

As China is the fastest growing global economy, having access to Mandarin can be a useful tool for success. The official language of China has 900 million native speakers and 1.2 billion total speakers, with Mandarin poised to overtake English soon. What is the most used language in business? Spanish is no doubt the dominant language of the Western hemisphere. With estimates as high as 50 million Spanish speakers residing in North America, it’s hard to ignore its prevalence.

If you’re going to a meeting with someone and you think you’re going to struggle with language, take a portfolio with you. You can get one made up in the right language and can showcase it while you’re there. It cuts out some of the awkwardness if you don’t speak the language because there will be something to look at. If you’re meeting in person a photo book or portfolio is a must. If you’re travelling overseas or meeting a few groups of people who speak a different language you can even buy bulk photo books so that you’ve got enough to go around for everyone. If you lay it out right with top quality pictures it’s going to go down pretty well regardless of the language barrier.

What are the most spoken languages in the world?


Germany may not be the most populated, but it’s a powerhouse in business. Almost 210 million people speak German worldwide, which can make it a good choice for doing business internationally, as well.


French is the most widely spread language in the world, having established itself all over the globe; it’s one of 29 official languages. As French-born Krehel explained to BBC, “it could be used for accessing some societies that were notoriously hard to reach.” Businesses looking to grow their economic clout or geography should consider a good knowledge of this in-demand language.


Portuguese is the second most spoken language in Latin America and the official language for Brazil. It also happens to be spoken by about 215 million people, which makes it a great second language to learn for those looking into business ventures in Brazil.

Latest statistics of the most used language in business

You will not find a language in this world that is used by more people than English. Apparently, at the entire time of publication, there are an estimated 1.49 billion speakers. That’s a whole lot of potential translation opportunities, but those numbers don’t guarantee success. That’s why you ought to evaluate whether or not a language is useful for your business. One major criterion for assessing the utility of a particular language would be its speaker base, although it’

Despite Hindi being the tenth most spoken language on earth, it’s not as apparent that it is the most useful language in business. There are over 270 million people who speak Hindi globally, but in many cases, English would be more useful for branching out to Indian speakers and non-Hindi speakers alike.

Language has a lot to do with how we carry on business for various reasons. For instance, German ranks 16th on the list of most spoken languages – but it can still be one of the most important languages for business!

What is the most prevalent language in business? A nuanced discussion all around. Still, one of the bigger considerations to be taken into account is economic viability — and there’s a hefty factor: The Big Four – English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Arabic.


It’s understandable that you’re confident in your skills with English but don’t forget that there are many other languages you can tap into to grow your business. Figuring out the most used language for your industry is just a matter of quick research.

The world is brimming with business opportunities, which means learning a different language is key to expanding your company. Copymatic handles structured data and machine learning to generate business quality content in various languages within minutes instead of hours

If you wish to branch out and tap into global business opportunities outside of your current expertise, you should take up learning a new language. Which language is ultimately up to you, but what’s most important is that you realize English is not the only language in business.