Earlier in time, social media management was not demanded almost at all, and people were able to gain their first hundreds and thousands of followers just by following other people – this was called mutual following and liking, and everybody was completely content with what this method could bring to the table.

But times have changed: today, social media services can give a lot while simultaneously requiring a lot. People with small, medium and big brand pages rush for chances to get more followers and use various paid tools for that; free methods are not working anymore, and everybody has to think daily of new ways to keep their followers in place. In other words, a peaceful world of social media has turned into a shark that wants more blood, as it was a dozen years ago. And if you want to reach success, you need to know how to tame it.

All of the above might sound scary for a novice on Instagram. Still, when you spend some time online and put some time and effort into promotion, you begin to understand how things work and find your ultimate routine of attracting more attention to your persona or our brand. We have said that free promo tools are not working anymore: this is not entirely true; some of them are still there and doing good.

For example, you can easily “steal” your competitor’s audience by analyzing their subscriber list and finding people who have subscribed recently. You can follow these people to show them your account; they might also feel interested in your content. Do that for half an hour each day, and you will be able to gain your first hundred subscribers for sure. But what do you do next?

Well, there are not too many ways that work for Instagram: we can talk about targeted ads from Insta itself, bloggers’ ads, and third-party services. All of them have their nuances and the types of services you should not get for your profile further; we will review all three of those in detail.

Let’s start with the bloggers’ ads. This is an ad that shows your profile as recommended in a blogger’s story or in a post. Using it is excellent when you have little to no followers at the very beginning or when you have some stagnation on a certain level of promotion. Such ads might cost a very different amount of money, as the levels of bloggers are also different. Some will promote you for $5, and some will ask for $1000 and even more.

It completely depends on the size of their profile and their self-estimation. We would not recommend you run for an ad from a huge blogger if you are a total novice. This is a type of service you should not buy.

First of all, because it is not on your budget probably, and second of all, because this type of promotion has too wide of a range, and finding your people out of millions of people who are following that blogger is going to be hard. Look for someone with a smaller audience, but with a more narrow-focused and loyal one. If this is the kind of people who might be interested in you, they will follow.

Now, before we talk about a chance to buy followers on Instagram, which has gathered many controversial opinions, we would like to say a couple of words about targeted ads. Those might be on a budget or quite expensive as well. It depends on their length, range, and the number of people who will see them.

Those parameters are suitable, so you shouldn’t worry about not understanding the price formation. However, we would recommend you not blindly set the parameters to their possible max but analyze your current profile state and draw conclusions from it.

If you are a beginner, setting an ad for less than a week would be enough, and trying out the settings for targeting your audience. You might be wrong for the first time, but the experience will help you understand how to change the parameters so that more interested people can see your content.

And finally, let’s talk about the chance to buy real Instagram followers. This is what many people don’t know what to think about: some say that this service has changed their account’s statistics for the best, some say that this was not too efficient and that they stay indifferent about it.

Some became victims of scam websites selling low-quality services and leaving their clients with nothing. We want to tell you what not to do if you decide to purchase paid services: do not buy the fake ones. Do not purchase fake subscribers, likes, or comments – these will seriously harm your profile and its statistics. You need only high-quality real services that will be delivered to your page by actual social media users who are keen on working with a promotional company.

Yes, there are such companies: their services cost just a little bit more than the scam ones. They have reviews from previous buyers, and their managers quickly answer any questions you might have. Plus, they might have trial packages for you to try out and draw conclusions about.

Summing up: if you want to reach great results while promoting your Instagram page, you should combine several promotional methods and not forget about the free ones if you are just starting out on this platform. Also, you should be attentive to your audience, be there for them and answer their questions in comments and dm’s – this is key to success actually; people often prefer smaller, but friendlier brands.

Regular posting and a thought-through content plan will also come in handy. Try to approach the problem complexly, and you will see great tangible results coming your way soon. And: if you don’t have time to search for an excellent company that will deliver you high-quality services, use the links in this article. They will do just right.