Mondays might not be your favorite day of the week, but the good news is that we’re all in this together ladies and gentlemen. As purveyors of prime Grade A web content, the SolidSmack crew has done some of the heavy-lifting to make sure you get your Mondays started on the right track.

Welcome to The Monday List.

Every Monday, we link you up with some of the most insightful, informative, and socially-relevant stories to keep tabbed, bookmarked, reading listed, pocketed, or what have you to get your week started on the right foot. Be sure to check in each week for a new crop of freshly sprouted words curated straight from the source of your favorite homegrown ‘Smack.

What We’re Reading This Week:

Self-Driving Cars Keep Tapping the Brakes

CES is more driverless-centric than ever this year, but the payoff remains well down the road.

Uber Self-Driving Car

Fortnite’s Digital Goods Are Key to the Future of Global Trade

Huge multiplayer games are true economic exchanges, but persuading governments to let data flow freely may be the ultimate battle royale.

Fortnite Battle Royale

How Beauty Is Making Scientists Rethink Evolution

The extravagant splendor of the animal kingdom can’t be explained by natural selection alone — so how did it come to be?

Animal Kingdom

Save Us From Superheroes—Because They Can’t Save Us

Some misunderstood dweeb realizes he’s special; an extraterrestrial plunks down on Earth to solve our problems. Enough!

Glass, Sam Jackson

How Marketers Use Redirect Ads to Deceive You

Sometimes bait-and-switch is obvious, but the tactics grow sneakier every day

Redirect Ads

Learn These Super Skills Immediately to “Future-Proof” Your Career

We live in a world of constant change, where skill sets can become obsolete in just a few years. To stay relevant and indispensable, you have to consistently upgrade and reinvent yourself.