Look, I know you’ve seen your share of provocative ‘visual essays’ that just make your wits reel with multi-dimensional perceptions of life and the universe, but this one is really cool looking, and it smells of PhotoWorks rendering.

This lil’ experiment in visual prose is from Darren Ng. You may remember his impressive apartment refurb done in SolidWorks. Try to guess how he did this. Maybe he’ll be nice and let us know.

What’s really interesting is how similar this task is to what we as designers and engineers have to do each day.

Here are the details…

Made in: Solidworks

Time: +/- 1hr

Task: Visual Essay
Make a model based on a selection of readings, extract 2 quotes to form the basis of your abstraction for your model.


A space of movement is more like a fog or mist than something stable or inert. Such a space is alive, yet fleeting.

An anthology of a model is an anthology of change. It is the constant introduction of something more, new, unexpected.

The essay develops
As you can see below, it started off much more simple and although Darren kept the concept through each stage the shape changed slightly to capture the abstract nature of the selected quotes. (Kinda like what we have to do as engineers each day. 🙂 )

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