Mondays might not be your favorite day of the week, but the good news is that we’re all in this together ladies and gentlemen. As purveyors of prime Grade A web content, the SolidSmack crew has done some of the heavy-lifting to make sure you get your Mondays started on the right track.

Welcome to The Monday List.

Each Monday, we’ll link you up with some of the most insightful, informative, and socially-relevant stories to keep tabbed, bookmarked, reading listed, pocketed, or what have you. Be sure to check in each Monday morning for a new crop of freshly sprouted words curated straight from the source of your favorite homegrown ‘Smack.

What We’re Reading This Week:

This Army of AI Robots Will Feed the World

And it could do it while eliminating herbicides, replenishing topsoil, and reducing carbon consumption. If all goes to plan.

How Dirt Could Save Humanity From an Infectious Apocalypse

“Right here we can find all … the … drugs … in … the world. Pretty cool, I must say.”

How to Build a Ship in a Bottle

“Start with the right bottle,” says Greg Alvey, a builder and restorer of ships in bottles who has owned some 800 since he started collecting them in the late 1990s.

Inside One of America’s Last Pencil Factories

A photographer captures a colorful world of craft and complexity.

[Let’s Make Communication Great Again] — How the Nature of Words Should Impact Your Communication

A Primer on Language and its implications for the entangled web of our existence as fellow human beings sojourning through the earth.

How to Dramatically Improve your Public Speaking Skills

What Giving a TED Talk Taught Me About Becoming a Better Speaker.