feed-icon-big.jpgBesides the fact that this site is cooler and less frightening than rabid cyclops kittens, subscribing to SolidSmack will allow you to automatically receive every new article whenever they are published.

This provides a great deal of convenience for you, because you won’t even have to visit this website to access all the latest articles or news. It’s simple too.

I Feel The Need For Feed
The best way I’ve heard it described is, a feed is like a newspaper, a feed reader is like your house. So instead of going to the site each time to read stuff, it’s delivered to your house. With a reader you can have a bunch of sites in one location. That’s convenient.

You see that big orange icon. You’ll usually see something like that on a site with a feed. If you click it, you go to a page that has some different feed readers. I would choose Google Reader. Here’s what it will look like.


You can also subscribe via email to have it show up in your inbox.

That’s really it. If you want a further detail about Feeds and RSS here’s more about Why You Should Subscribe to SolidSmack.


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