I’m feeling kind of queezy right now. You would think I received a gory email forward from a friend when I’ve actually just listened to the original studio recording of ‘Running With the Devil’ by Van Halen… minus the background vocals and music; pure David Lee Roth bliss.

If you can scream like that, I would do it right now and let everyone around you know how jaggedly wicked your voice is. Here’s the vocals and it’s even funnier if you imagine the faces hes making. He really hits it around 2:30.

Link to David Lee Roth Singing

Put on your skates
That whole period in music is reminiscent of the days when kids strapped the four-wheel implements of death to their feet and endured the monotony of the roller rink.

I could be really cliche, make a really bad pun and say 2D is as antiquated as that musical period and has about as much depth as Van Halen without the music. I’ll defer that for now.

What I will say is this. 2D, like David Lee Roth’s lovely vocals, has it’s place. It sounds good (to some) but the output seems so much less capable without the dynamics of background vocals and music… and it is. 2D is finely organized garbage without the 3D aspect.

Like I have to tell you all this, but I’m enjoying the analogy.

The singer is the band
Well, actually you can ditch the singer and do your own instrumental project. Some say you need 2D to make 3D. Yeah, sketches are nice and manageable, but with programs like MoI, CBModelPro and others that allow you to start directly with solids, it makes 2D seem an unnecessary accessory.

So all this to say, keep the ideas of the possibilities open. The tools you use everyday, just to get the job done, can be those multiple layers of instrumental carnage and beautifully harmonized vocals. That’s deep man.


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