team solidworksOn August 4-5 Team SolidWorks will be going on a bike ride to support a cure for cancer. SolidWorks started officially doing this in 2002 and will ride with a team of over 70 people this year. Their goal is to raise 500,000, a goal they nearly achieved last year.

I’m usually not into this type of stuff because of some corruption in those organizations. But for this one, the teams pay their own way, and 99% of the funds go to actual research and treatment of cancer. SolidWorks is supporting this, but it’s the people that are actually taking their time.

I’m interested in this because my family has seen its share of the affects of cancer and SolidSmack will be donating to help out. In addition, for every comment that is left, up to 100, we’ll add a buck. So leave a comment or you can donate directly here.

By the way, I’m not doing this for any swag. They can throw the money used for anything that would come my way in with the donantion.


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