What defines insanity? Typically, I’d say the amount of plastic beads someone can stick in their mouth before drooling all over the expanding foam they’ve stuffed in their shirt. In this case, however, I’d say it’s the amount of plastic blocks one can form into a puzzle.

Oskar van Deventer is the man making us question such things. However, puzzles are nothing new to him. He’s been making them for years. So, when he was faced with the challenge to beat all previous records and create a Rubik’s cube style puzzle 17x17x17, the edge of the puzzle universe quivered slightly, then threw up on itself repeatedly. Don’t believe me? Take a look and tell me you don’t do the same.

When Oskar heard of the world records being set for twisty puzzles, like the 7x7x7, 9x9x9 and 11x11x11 by Panagiotis Verdes from Greece, he wanted to try his hand at setting a new record himself. With sponsorship from his close friend Claus Wenicker, Oskar set about designing and testing a number of prototypes, and his third attempt was printed successfully with Shapeways.Shapeways

I think the boundary of brilliant/mental has just been pushed a little further out. You can buy Oskar’s creation for a mere $ 2,006.54 (€ 1,495.07). Just think… if you do buy it, you’ll probably be in the running for world record in “the amount of money someone spent on buying a product that beat a previous world record.” Now that’s something to talk about. Check out some of Oskar’s other puzzles on his YouTube channel.

Via Shapeways . Thanks Duann!


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