skateboard 3D artSome artist are having their designs put onto the bottom of skateboards with a laser.

I love to skateboard and my last board had a really cool tattoo graphic on it done by my brother. I almost didn’t want to skate it… but I did. I ended up breaking it. I was actually kind of glad because I hadn’t skated it too long and the graphic was still there.

I don’t think I could skate one of these though, especially if I shelled out $500 for it. It’s kinda cool, cuase it’s art, but cheesy cause it’s on a board you wouldn’t want to skate. This is probably going ot hang on a wall next to a nice landscape painting.

What’s really cool is the applications for other things. Huge countertops with enlays and engravings or some other wall art are two things that come to mind.

Source: Wired


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