Your office microwave may soon no longer be reserved for just Prismacolor pencils, stale coffee or the occasional Ham and Cheese Hot Pocket anymore.

The Rocketbook Cloud-Integrated Microwavable Notebook, which has currently raised over $260,000 on Indiegogo, just might be the zaniest and most impressive crowdfunded sketchbook concept we’ve seen yet.

While the Rocketbook is far from being the first sketchbook that considers Cloud connectivity, its execution may be the best…at least if you go by the numbers.

The book uses a combination analog sketchpad and a mobile app to allow users to sketch by hand and then effortlessly upload their notes to a variety of Cloud folders online based off of specified checked boxes at the bottom of each page.

Friggin’ Magic

Although the branding and design of the book itself could use a little TLC (particularly in the durability department), the rapid-fire ability to upload sketches into multiple cloud folders or email inboxes combined with the ability to instantly ‘refresh’ your sketchbook in less time than it takes to make a cup of Instant Noodles more than makes up for it. The book employs the use of thermo-sensitive Pilot FriXion pens that are originally designed to erase with the friction-caused heat of using a rubber eraser.



To connect to the Cloud, each page features seven icons at the bottom that can be assigned by the user. After customizing file locations, various pages can go to any number of Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs, SkyDrive, Box, email address or other with just a quick flip of the page. While other Cloud-syncing sketchbooks have required more sensitive considerations for gathering page information, the Rocketbook can flip through an entire book of sketches in a matter of minutes.

With over 22 days left to go in the Indiegogo campaign, there’s still plenty of time to grab your own Rocketbook, which starts at just $25.


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