wood_grain-01.jpgIn the past 14 years of my experience in CAD the wood end grain hatch pattern has always been one of the most elusive of the nocturnal hatch patterns. At least, it has been in the 5 companies of the lower southern mid-west I’ve worked at.

I doubt it has to do with temperate zone or carbon emissions, although you can blame carbon emissions on just about anything now days. So, instead of chopping down a tree to show you some fabulous wood grain, I’m going to give you a hatch pattern you can use in SolidWorks.

All it takes is a little modification to the SolidWorks Hatch pattern file. There are two options to make it easy.

Self-Extracting Zip file
This has all the existing SolidWorks hatch patterns along with the wood end grain pattern. Download this, unzip it and extract it to your SolidWorks install folder. It looks something like this: C:Program FilesSolidWorks 2007langenglish

Download the SolidWorks Hatch Pattern Zip File sldwks_ptn.zip

Text File
If you want to add it to your existing hatch pattern file, it pretty easy. First, copy the original file to a safe place to back it up. Open the file below, select all the text (Ctrl-A) and copy (Ctrl-C) the text. Go to the install folder (C:Program FilesSolidWorks 2007langenglish) and open the Sldwks.ptn file with Wordpad (Right Click, Open with…,Wordpad). Go to the end and Paste (Ctrl-V) the pattern info in the file.

Download the SolidWorks Hatch Pattern Txt File woodgrain-hatch-pattern.txt

Making parts look like real wood. Now that’s a good feeling.


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