optimus_bonecrusher_detail.jpgIf you’ve seen the movie Transformers or were a fan of the animated series you’ll know how super freakin’ cool this is. The truck that was used in the movie and played the part of Bonecrusher is an actual production vehicle that is developed in SolidWorks.

Force Protection Inc. created this monstrous vehicle in their Buffalo Series of Armored Vehicles to clear mines, transport assets and clear routes. The company is based Charleston, S.C. and has 94 licenses of SolidWorks. You can read more about them in this SolidWorks Press Release.

The site for the the Buffalo Series has a lot of info. If you look close at the photo on the site you can see the Decepticons logo on the scoop. sweet. They also have an employment section if you’re interested in working with this group.

Enjoy a video of Optimus Prime vs. Bonecrusher (with transformation!) in the movie and check out some pics of the beast.





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