There is nothing, quite like the sound of the pan flute. Particularly when you’ve just escaped the mechanical mandibles of a decapitated swarm of robot heads robot rabbit babies. To celebrate your escape and then attract attention back to your meat flabs, why not offer up a song with the eerie melody brought forth from a pan flute? But wait, this is no ordinary pan flute.

Using found objects, you have a lot of options to create music… or rather, instruments that make noise. The creator of this tawdry tooter, Rabidiga, explains the process of using two ‘rods’, wire, pliers and bullet casing of different sizes to create a musical instrument of epic end-time proportion:

First cut a length of wire about 20-30 inches long (eyeball it). Then place your bullet casing against your rod and start looping the wire around both pieces in a crisscross pattern. If you are going for the ‘rough’ look like mine then don’t worry about being perfect. Once you have enough loops around it twist the two ends together like a twist tie on a loaf of bread. If you want you can use wire cutters to snip off the extra, I left mine on trying to get a barbed wire look.

Ready to make your own? I’d mix in some rabbit bones and small mammal skulls with mine.

Instructables via DIY Apocalypse


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