If you can believe it, there’s a webinar this week. I’m usually not one for webinars, as the word ‘webinar’ itself reminds me gagging on pen caps after drinking milk. However, this webinar is something that has caught my interest and it just so happens that good ol’ Ben Eadie of UsingSolidWorks is the one putting it on and showing how importing 3D data for free is done. It happens today. Here are the details.

From Ben:

Have you ever received or found a model you needed online from another CAD platform that you needed to import? Then when you google to find out how to do it you find tons of EXPENSIVE file converters? We will cover how to import and use STL, 3DS, OBJ and other point cloud file types into SolidWorks with free tools found online.

If you miss the webinar, or can’t attend, we’ll post the download link to the recording here after the show…

Here is the download to the webinar!
Importing data or models from other CAD and 3D modeling platforms


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