Among all of the possible things that happen in a workshop, there is a seemingly endless supply of pleasurable experiences that include making a final cut, attaching the last piece to an assembly or simply just finding out that your jig concept works flawlessly. Among others though, creating a perfect mold with seamless edges and a perfect cavity is certainly high up there – however getting it right isn’t always easy.

Considering the vast amount of mold making solutions, getting the right chemicals and equipment for the job can be a huge (and sometimes expensive) undertaking in itself – not to mention the task of getting your master model finished and prepped to be able to cast multiples like it.

With that being said, it is also not impossible to create a perfect mold.

In this recently released video from Texas-based Brick in the Yard Mold Supply, we get a first-hand look at creating a two-part scale model car mold using PlatSil Gel-25 Silicone and a diecast car body without the need for vacuum degassing. Due to the fast cure time (roughly 1 hour) and low viscosity of PlatSil Gel-25, it is great for small projects such as this. The final plastic models are made using EZ Flo 60 casting resin with PolyColor added.

Whether you choose to 3D print your own car body design (or any other design, really) or use an existing model, it’s hard to go wrong with having fun with molds.

YouTube video

If you’re looking for a great place to start, head over to the Car Body section of GrabCAD for some inspiration.