Few things go better together than true love and a bag of Quikrete. Well, perhaps we can sit on that one for awhile but in the meantime, this Death Star Vase made from a Star Wars-themed silicone mold is quite possibility one of the better-balanced DIY projects we’ve seen in awhile: not too polished, functional and quirky.

Not surprisingly, the project comes from the talented Ben Uyeda over at HomeMade Modern. If you’ve been keeping track, we featured Ben a couple weeks ago with another one of his ingenious projects: The Flip Desk.

Here, Ben gives us a rundown on creating that coveted Death Star Vase:

Make a Death Star Vase


  • Quikrete Countertop Mix (Home Depot)
  • Death Star Silicone Tray (Amazon)
  • Duct Tape


  • Long Nose Pliers
  • Box Cutter



STEP 1: Cut the mold

Use a box cutter to cut a small X at the top of the mold. Cut a 1 inch diameter hole in the bottom of the mold.


STEP 2: Insert a plastic ballpoint pen in the X

The soft rubber mold will seal itself around the pen.


STEP 3: Close and tape the mold

Use duct tape to securely seal the mold.


STEP 4: Fill the mold with concrete

I used a little more water than usual so that the concrete would settle into each detail of the mold.


STEP 5: Vibrate

To ensure that the concrete settles into every crevice, vigorously tap/vibrate the filled mold to release any trapped air bubbles.




STEP 6: Remove the mold

Peel off the mold and use a lighter to soften the plastic pen before pulling it out with the long nose pliers.




Be sure to check out the cabinet pulls, magnets, and wall hooks for hanging USB cords that Ben made with a similar process using a Star Wars Stormtrooper mold over at HomeMade Modern.