Since 2008, PDF has served as a universally accepted file format. It is an easy means of exchanging files or papers with other individuals. Your Word document could be rapidly converted to PDF, but once that’s done, you’ll no longer be able to edit it in Word. Therefore, you need a special PDF tool for all your document-related tasks. And we’re here to find one for you. Let’s get started!

Part 1. What is Wondershare PDFelement for Mac?

Wondershare PDFelement for Mac was developed by Wondershare Technology, a business that has existed that has been around since 2003. Many free and easy-to-use PDF converters are available on the web. However, a fee is required to update a PDF in most cases. However, you don’t have to worry about hefty prices with PDFelement.

It’s safe to say that PDFelement is one of the most useful desktop applications you have. This handy application can create, edit, sign, and convert PDF files. You won’t find a more reasonably priced or user-friendly PDF editor than this one.

The software has been able to compete with other, more established PDF readers like Adobe Acrobat and Foxit by giving its customers a more contemporary and simplified experience without sacrificing any of the former group’s most popular or in-demand features. And they do all that at a cost far lower than the current industry leaders.

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Main Features of Wondershare PDFelement for Mac:

  • You can launch, save, and share any PDF of your liking with your friends.
  • With the support of multiple functions, you can add a signature, insert page numbers, bates numbers, and do much more.
  • The Mac version supports thirteen languages.
  • It even boasts a dark mode, improving the user interface greatly!

Part 2. How PDFelement Improves Office Efficiency

Let’s look at some of the most efficient ways the Wondershare PDFelement enhances the performance of those working in an office environment.

Cloud File Multi-Terminal Interoperability

The person always desires to access documents in the document cloud and then save the updated material after altering it in the cloud in real time or without waiting at all. This is because it is more convenient.

The PDF editor software enables you to save a copy of the PDF at the precise moment it was held. This provides the user with assistance in seeing their papers on multi-terminal platforms such as iOS and Mac computers. Because they are so readily accessible on the paperwork stored in your mobile office, you can even view these while traveling for business.

2. Create Multiple Images into 1 PDF

Maintaining professional standards often necessitates scanning papers for easy portability and data exchange. These documents are, however, only seen as individual, unreadable, and manageable photos.

When using PDFelement, several scanned PDFs with the same picture are combined into a single file. This simplifies the process of viewing, editing, and file sharing. After the documents have been transformed into a single copy, you can arrange them in whatever order you choose.

3. Export Comments

As part of your routine company documentation management, you can often encounter the need to synchronize critical notes for easy accessibility.

PDFelement’s ‘Export Comments’ function is available to rectify the situation quickly. Exporting to a text file stores the page number and annotation type used in the PDF without any visual representation. It’s a handy tool for annotating sections of a PDF with notes.

Graphical user interface, application Description automatically generated

4. Long Picture

As a component of your job, you might be required to access, navigate, and modify PDF files that include thousands of pages. Reading and updating these big files in one session is difficult.

PDFelement is a program that can compress large PDF files into a single image, including all the pages. You can then open and update the finalized PDF document. The structure can provide a major boost to your company’s current level of efficiency.

5. Upload Image Signature

In professional PDF documents, signatures are an integral aspect of the content. The requirement that you endorse such papers is likely to crop up frequently in the context of professional notifications and forms. In most cases, you can print the documentation, sign it digitally, and then scan it to turn it into a PDF.

The PDFelement tool makes it simple to include graphical representations of digital signatures in PDF documents and files. This feature will help you improve the efficiency of your job by saving a significant amount of energy and time.

6. Batch Printing

Several PDFelement operations, such as applying comments or stamps, can be performed on multiple documents simultaneously, which is a huge time saver. Quickly open, convert, or extract data from numerous files simultaneously using the same method.

The result is increased speed and efficiency throughout. For further protection, you can use the service’s watermarking and Bates Numbering features in conjunction with batch processing. In this approach, businesses can boost productivity by relieving workers of mundane tasks.

Part 3. Introduce PDFelement for iOS

Wondershare PDFelement has finally arrived as the best PDF manager for iOS. It’s one of the best when you review all those OS features. It becomes much simpler to communicate as you alter the text in a PDF more imaginatively and expertly.

More so, the PDF files allow you to highlight certain passages of text, add new courses, and erase old ones. It’s also possible to highlight parts of the text, make notes, and leave comments on the document. Using the app’s Markup feature, you can add signatures in the form of hand-drawn images or stylus pens.

Documents can be scanned into PDF files and converted to eleven different editable formats with the help of the app’s optical character recognition (OCR) technology. If you’re wondering, “what OCR PDF is,” it’s a function that extracts text from PDFs so you can modify it in a different application.

In addition, if you don’t want to install any PDF editing applications on your device, document Cloud, the web-based version of PDFelement, gives you more PDF management choices.

Part 4. Conclusion

WondersharePDFelement’s useful features make it a must-have for classrooms and classroom management. Because of its focus on the educational sector, this software is available offline and online for maximum user convenience.

PDFelement makes it simple to convert files, exchange files, sign papers, and condense files. Therefore, download this handy tool now without any further ado to make your work more efficient!