You can change a video’s type with the help of a video converter. Actual video recordings might have to be converted from one class to another if you operate in a commercial film company or create home videos. Numerous converters can be found on the web. We have one excellent software in store that will help you massively!

Part 1. What is WondershareUniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter is 30 times quicker than the competition when converting videos across 1000+ formats and devices. Copy DVDs, get video files, and record them. Help you relax and enjoy your films with little effort. As a result, you can see videos whenever you choose.

Videos downloaded, edited, converted, or burned will retain their original quality (even now in High Definition, 3D, or VR) without crucial frame loss, redraw problems, or crashes, guaranteed. Video/Audio File Conversion, Downloading, Editing, and Burning are Made Simple!

Easily save or record videos from websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, and more to watch offline whenever you want. You can either view them on your computer or convert them to a format that will work on your TV, smartphone, or another device. Produce professional-quality home movies with this robust editing program.

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It has a built-in video recorder to save movies from services like Netflix, Hulu, etc. In addition, the right set of tools will make it easy for you to capture Skype conversations for later replay, film how-to guides, or film your most memorable gaming experiences.

Part 2. Interface

UniConverter’s intuitive UI will be the first you’ll notice. The revamped user experience of UniConverter 14 makes the most key features easier to use, with a clean and refined look. The following are some of the features that will enhance your user experience when you’re using this software:

  • Added My File Management – You can access all the files you’ve worked with in the software by going to “My File Management,” which also has search, deletion, favorites, and file uploading.
  • Video Converter with AI-Powered – The AI voice augmentation and voice separation features included in Wondershare’s AI Audio functionality are great ways to improve your audio. Background noise in recorded media can now be easily eliminated with the help of artificial intelligence. If you’re recording outdoors, for instance, and a vehicle or the wind are distracting or distorting your voice, this feature can help.
  • Voice Separations – A voice separation system is ideal for musicians who wish to improve the quality of their recorded live performances by separating the performers’ voices from any ambient noise. You can also minimize noise or remove vocals with audacity, but the software has its own limitations.
  • Batch Download and Processing – Video and audio recordings can be downloaded in bulk, compressed, and converted in minutes, making it ideal for backups, archival purposes, or use with your GoPro.
  • Vocal Remover – Using advanced AI technology, this vocal remover can quickly and effectively eliminate the vocals from any music, providing you with an acoustic version of the song that is ideal for singing or training. Video converting, disc burning, and various extras are only a few of the features.

Part 3. Video Conversion Process (How to Use!)

If you’re looking to convert one of your videos to a format of your liking, read the steps below to find out how you can do it:

Step 1: Open WondershareUniConverter on your computer. To upload the video(s) you want to convert, choose Converter on the Home interface and subsequently select Add Files on the right side of the window.

Step 2: Pick a resolution on the right and an output style on the left when you open the Output Format menu from the main window’s bottom part and go to the Video tab.

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Step 3: Select High-Speed Conversion from the menu at the top, then set the output directory in the box provided and press the Convert button (or Start All for more than one file).

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Step 4: The word “Success” will appear below the Convert button when the conversion is complete. After the entire conversion process, you can examine the converted movies in the interface’s list by clicking the Finished tab.

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Batch Conversion

Step 1: Add multiple videos to the video converter for your batch processing

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Step 2: Select the output format in which you want to convert your videos.

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Step 3: Hit the Start All button to begin the bulk conversion of all your videos. Additionally, you can use the Convert button to save each one independently.

Note: Find the converted videos in the Finished tab.

Part 4. Quality and Speed of Video Conversion

WondershareUniConverter 14 touts a 50% boost in conversion speed while supporting over a thousand different formats. You can easily convert, edit, and reduce 4K/8K HDR HD movies using WonderShareUniConverter. Due to its innovative GPU acceleration technology, the conversion time can be cut by as much as six times!

Transform your 4K/8K HDR HD movies to any other form or reduce those without significantly degrading with WondershareUniConverter. Time is saved by converting numerous video files simultaneously using multi-threaded GPU-accelerated technologies from Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA.

Part 5. Other Functions

Apart from the functions we have explained above, there are many more functions of WondershareUniConverter about which you should know.

Other Features

  • WondershareUniConverter allows you to download the video of your choice in one click easily.
  • You are also allowed to burn, copy, create, and edit any DVD file for your ease.
  • Users can use the program to record, transfer, compress, and fix video files accordingly.
  • As for the editing features, you can edit, merge, record, and then play your videos however you want.

Part 6. Conclusion

If you need to transform one file or a hundred, WondershareUniConverter is your one-stop shop. It works with various video file types, such as the newest 4K-ready formats like H.265 and HD and earlier codec forms.

To add to its versatility, it lets you convert files for playback on smartphones and the most common VR goggles. Within a streamlined interface, converting is made straightforward, allowing you to trim and edit movies, add filters, and add predefined translations.