Continuing improvements in workstation graphics processing units (GPUs) allow users to dramatically increase interactivity with SolidWorks by upgrading existing workstations with the latest NVIDIA Quadro graphics. For example, a Dell Precision workstation running a current Quadro GPU, based on NVIDIA Fermi architecture, can deliver up to three times the performance of previous generations.

Combined with the fact that Dell and NVIDIA work closely with Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp. to certify that the Dell Precision workstations with Quadro GPUs are optimized specifically for SolidWorks and you’ve got rock-solid stability added to that performance boost.

While certifying systems for production-level use helps eliminate potential issues up front, in the event of a technical issue after your purchase, optional Dell ProSupport provides collaborative support with NVIDIA and Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks. In addition to reduced business downtime, customers benefit from end-to-end support with a single point of contact they can trust.

Dell Precision workstations with Quadro graphics also support the most realistic display modes offered within SolidWorks, such as RealView and FSAA. But that’s not all. The Dell and NVIDIA combination also allows SolidWorks users to harness the power of GPU-based ray tracing to create renders of complex models using precise environmental lighting. Using an application such as Bunkspeed Move, users can take advantage of the fully integrated NVIDIA iray2 engine to create fast, realistic renders, to produce high-quality stills and animations. SolidWorks assemblies can be opened directly within Move, providing a simple design workflow.

As everyone knows, faster graphics performance allows for more interactivity when working with complex models and allows engineers to use more complicated display modes. By upgrading older workstations to the latest models, you don’t need to be concerned about the tradeoffs of better visual images at the cost of reductions in productivity. For more on how Dell and NVIDIA can improve your SolidWorks experience, check out