You know what’s lacking? A worldwide conference on 3D printing, drones, robots and VR. Oh wait, no it’s not. Because last year the people who brought you Inside 3D Printing are now bringing you Frontier Tech Forum.

Sure, it should be called the ROBOTECH OVERLOAD 9000 conference, but they had to give it a more mainstream and business-friendly names since, yeah, it’s all about the business and innovation going on inside all of those industries, the SYNERGISTICALS between them and the robot overlord that is distracting us with cute little robots that squeak like a drunk baby puppy – COZMO, I’m looking at you.

This is the second year for the conference that combines Inside 3D Printing, RoboUniverse and the Virtual Reality Summit. Inside 3D Printing came first in 2013, followed by the RoboUniverse debut in 2015 and the VR Summit just this past April. The combo is currently hosted in four different cities worldwide: San Diego, Singapore, New York and Seoul.

The first is coming up, so, you’ll want to mark your calendars to be in San Diego, December 14-15, 2016. You can register on their website, and if you’re going, register soon to get the $200 discount before the price goes up on Friday, October 28th. Enter the discount code “SOLIDSMACK” for 15% off platinum, gold, workshop, track, and two day passes.

Now I leave you with these dancing robots.

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