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Xometry is a one stop shop for manufacturing on demand and produces custom parts through a nationwide manufacturing partner network. Xometry capabilities include CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, 3D printing and urethane casting. The Xometry online quoting experience is available as a free Add-In within SOLIDWORKS!

Xometry Instant Quote SOLIDWORKS Add-in
The Xometry Add-In for SOLIDWORKS allows designers and engineers to get seamless instant quotes and a manufacturability feedback within a single integrated CAD workspace.

“The Add-In is all about efficiency,” said Xometry’s Director of Project Engineering, Greg Paulsen. “The quoting process has typically been a very labor intensive and time consuming endeavor, especially for complex orders like end-use CNC machined parts or higher volume orders, but we have removed the inefficiencies and can provide an accurate lead time and price in just seconds – all within SOLIDWORKS!”  

“We have been able to dramatically decrease engineering time on projects designed using the Add-In,” Paulsen said. “By eliminating the process of tweaking and making compromise changes over the course of several days based on each manufacturer’s ability to make the parts, we are giving engineers and designers extra hours back each day to do the work they actually enjoy instead of worrying about the logistics of ordering parts.”

Xometry Add-In for SOLIDWORKS Features & Benefits

  • Save time by pricing your design without leaving SOLIDWORKS
  • Get manufacturability feedback to adjust parts and avoid potential fabrication issues
  • Integration with SOLIDWORKS detects threads, tolerances, surface roughness, and part material
  • Get transparent and consistent lead time estimation
  • Select from our wide range of processes including 3D Printing, Sheet Metal, and CNC Milling with over 200 materials and custom finishes
  • Easily re-quote directly in SOLIDWORKS to explore design iterations

So how easy is it to use? Watch this 1-minute Xometry Add-In for SOLIDWORKS tutorial to see it in action.

YouTube video

Once you’ve seen how it works, here’s how you can get started:

  1. Download and install the Add-In from xometry.com/solidworks-add-in.
  2. Open the Add-In inside the SOLIDWORKS Task Pane, and log in using your Xometry account or quickly create a new account.
  3. Open up a part or create a new one, then click on “Add Part to Quote” to get an instant quote with a price and lead time.
  4. Review the provided manufacturability feedback and modify your design if needed.
  5. Choose from over 200 materials, or narrow down the materials list by selecting from 8 manufacturing processes.
  6. Specify any special features like tolerances, threads, inserts, roughnesses, or weld joints for your part.
  7. Select your surface finish.
  8. Add notes and attach any drawings, sketches, or documents to clarify requirements for your custom part.
  9. Add and quote additional parts as relevant.
  10. Review your quote and order with one click! You will have a chance to review your order again at checkout.