It reached deep, past the wharf, wrapping around bottle and bracken extending ever deeper into the Fog Gardens of Lern. More tendrils extended off of it as it passed, and more from those. They detached and began to play violin, harpsichord and washboard, setting the stage for a a light show no one yet has imagined, a light show excreted from the tendril of awesome through the muscular orifices of these links.

Jean-Raphaël Belajew – So much cool. Vector art like I’ve not seen in ages with perfect lines, shadow and light cut the image into your eye tissue.
Anti-hipster – South African brewery Garagista Beer Co. has a bad taste in their moth for hipsters. Their ad clear it up if there’s any doubt.
Google Cardboard – Got cardboard? If so, you can build your very own, ultra-hip, ultra-customizable VR viewer with these simple instructions. App and Chrome Experiment included.
Pugs of Westeros – I think you’re already anticipating what this is. The costumes are incredible and the likeness is strangely accurate as well.
Felt comics – Felt. It’s incredibly versatile. It’s also fun to create comics and other interesting compositions as Jaacopo Rosati shows you.
Gnarly in Pink – Three 6-year old girls have one thing in common, besides being girls and liking pink. Skateboarding.
Clean-up – For the OCD crowd or those who just like to organize anything and everything according to size or color or shape or name or material composition.
Useless machine – I don’t know about you, but I picture a small squirrel controlling this from inside the box. A robot squirrel actually.
BugJuggler – A 70 foot tall robot that juggles small VW beetles. Ok, it’s not realy yet, but there is a prototype… kinda.
BTS – OK GO is at it again. This is the behind the scenes to ‘The Writing’s On the Walls’ filmed by 1st avenue machines.

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