They rose from the deep, tentacles swollen with bladdered ink fistulas bursting against the rays of a morning sun. What brought them forth was exactly what you might think. Angry gurgles from the lower nostrils of a struggling Serpent Sea baby, caught in the tendrils of these links.

Yuri Shwedoff – Trying to take in the awesome of these spectacularly muted scenes is difficult. Emotion and even some action captured perefectly.

Low Poly Fruit – I’m torn between if this would make me eat more fruit or wreak havoc on my gum line. Either way, they’re nice to look at.

Chappie begins – You all know the Short Circuit reboot directed by Neill Blomkamp. Well, Christian Pearce created the concept art for it, which you can see right here.

Retro Electronics – These are not just any old, retro electronics. These are three-dimensional electronic animations, created in Cinema 4D and After Effects.

Watermelon meets metal – This is so metal. Molten metal. The Backyard Scientist introduces the delicious summer fruit to liquid aluminum. What it does may surprise you.

Tales from the Loop – We’ve featured Simon Stålenhag’s work on the Smackdown before. Now, he has a Kickstarter project you won’t want to miss.

Sky Art – Take a look. Then take a look again. What Thomas Lamadieu sees when he looks up is totally different from what you see.

Eye – Brooklyn-based Saga brings the flow with a new video from the ‘From Out of the Shadows’ album.

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