When going along the shingled edge, busy with squirrels and dried paths of slugs, it’s best to recall the times that you fell, the lava below, the conch shell you blow that summons the cats and the list of these links as you dove.

Nick Runge – A handful of incredible hand-painted cover illustration from US-based artist, Nick Runge.
Shower thoughts – You have them, you write them on the Reddit board of the same name, Nick Offerman brings them to life.
City steps and sleep – This? Just the average amount of steps one takes and the sleep one gets in various countries.
Rap quotes – Rap quote street signs in Philly, about Philly.
Aquatic Resin – These are not real. They are in fact layers of resin and acrylic paint created by Singapore-based artist Keng Lye.
Every. Simpsons. Ever. – I’m not sure if there is anything more incredible than a 12-day Simpson marathon, except a 12-day Simpson marathon.
Badges – There’s just something about a well designed badge.
Babara Allen – Barbara Allen, at 1666, is the oldest reference to the English/Scottish ballad. This is Don Edwards singing it ever so elegantly.


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