Tendrils stretch between the slender thicket, lining the path, worn through over the centuries. The smell was like oranges, but slightly rancid. That when we saw it sitting there. Large, half-blind of years without light, thumbing an Outdoor Living magazine, and gnawing on these links.

Antonis Karidis – Incredible set of aircraft–real, conceptual and spacebound–with tanks, copters, and cars as well.

Nik – This is huge. Google’s Nik Collections, with a load of amazing photo editing magic, is now free. Thanks Rod!

The Letter Kit – Letter and typography inspiration in this wonderful Pinterest collection from designer Zack Davenport.

Drone vs Dune Buggy – I don’t know which is more impressive, the guy driving the drone or the guy driving the dune buggy.

Masterpieces + VR – Google Cardboard and Bruegel. See his works like never before with the collaboration between Google and art museums of Belgium.

Cloud Mountain Waterfalls – Are they just painted rocks stacked atop each other? Sure, but they’re kinda cool looking, you gotta admit.

Animals on Glass – Call it curiosity. Call it a weird fetish. Either way, it’s the underside of mammals, reptiles and insects from under a glass table.

Rocking Moose Hack – Weekend project for your niece/nephew. Turn this lame IKEA Rocking Moose into an awesome rocking sheep or, my preference, He-man’s Battle Cat.

California Kids – Yeah, Weezer is still bringin’ it. This is their new one from their upcoming S/T album.

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