They came from his arms. Cannons more like. With such a snow falling, it wasn’t hard to see the mass firing yule logs repeatedly with a yell that deepened and shook the earth as he shot. One after another they hit the edifice. Soon, the wall would crack and we would feast, feast upon these links.

Jesper Ejsing – The detail! Jumping, striking, fighting, and flying. Dragons and dragon slayers, goblins and fire cats, and more creature and character goodness from this danish artist.

The Edges of These Isles – Artist Tom Musgrove and photographer Simon Bray visit and capture seven landscapes in the British Isles. You can see the final works and more on the project at the website.

Speed of Vision – “Scientists have found the speed limit of vision with an illusion in which nothing moves at all” and boy is it trippy. Mark Wexler’s submission for The Best Illusion of the Year Contest.

AER – Forget drones, use this unique device for an aerial shot using a GoPro. Insert the GoPro and toss it in the air.

Babyclon – Ultra-realistic painted babies. Different races and even different species – yes, that’s right, including Avatar alien babies and mermaid babies.

Worlds in Worlds – An impressive illustration from the mind of Goro Fujita who puts the infinite canvas to the test using “Quill” by Oculus Story Studio.

Binary Finger Method – How high can you count on your fingers? Would you believe you can count up to 59,048 and higher? This is the method for doing so, granted you have fingers.

Minecraft Apple TV – If it’s not enough that you can play Minecraft on just about any device, Mojang has announced you can now play on Apple TV as well.

Hiroshima Bonsai – Bonsai trees amaze me. Love’em. This white pine bonsai is 391 years old and survived the Hiroshima nuclear bombing. More on other Hiroshima bonsai trees here.

Planet Earth II: Screams – Nature shows like Planet Earth show us just how incredible this earth is, but it’s so much better when the animals are screaming.

Warped – Peter Kogler’s installations cover rooms and spaces with monochromatic lines and patterns that could leave you dizzy, with others mixing in color.

Emoji VIP – Pegboard Nerds give you a dope little beat to the end the week as they go through the various life situations of an emoji.


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