Five times they turned, each time winding up. The top of the peak was in sight, but to go the rest of the way, they would have to use the wing suits. Now, the idea of a wing suit sounds nice, but once helmet fuses itself with the brainstem, the wingframe is grafted to the spine – the wing suit is now active, powered by these links.

Alena Aenami – Oh, the clouds… And everything else. Loads of incredible, colorful scenes with video process on her gumroad and prints available.

Self-reflected – Over two years, Greg Dunn and Brian Edwards took a thin slice of a brain scan to painstakingly apply 1,750 sheets of gold leaf as a microetching.

Resin Burl Blocks – Crazy pieces of dyed and resin-impregnated wood burl by Derranged Donkey. Some look like lava, others like blocks of water.

The Last Jedi – Trailer for the next Star Wars film, out December 15th. Mixed feelings.

Paste – A new Slack app from FiftyThree that provides a better way to add images and review things.

Dexter – Ever thought of making a bot? Well, even if you haven’t, this makes it super simple.

Lit – What Generation Z (today’s teens) thinks is cool. Compared with Mellinials as well. Interesting info in this pdf report from Google.

Constructive Interference – A set of ‘static-kinitic’ sculptures on display at Oregon State University by Hypersonic and Plebian Design developed in Processing, Rhino-Grasshopper, and Python.

Food carving – Gaku is still at the mukimono. I guess we all would be if we could carve insanely intricate patterns on various fruit and vegetables like he can.

Zipperless – A zipperless sleeping bag? They do exist.

Party On Apocalypse – New video from pop punk icons New Found Glory.

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