Mezco Fabrication creates all sorts of custom metal fab projects. You may remember the 12 gauge desk organizer we featured a while back, design by Bryan Lagrange, CAD Manager at Mezco. Well, recently he shared a very cool, custom fire pit design which includes a top cover that converts it into a chimenea.

Based in Lafaytte, LA, Bryan is the CAD manager for Mezco that Onshape to create its metal fab designs. He also heads up the New Orleans Onshape User Group that, just so happens to have a user group virtual meeting tonight. If you’re in the area, pop over and register here. Now, onto the fire pit design!

Here it is with the cover off:


And here it is with the cover on:


Love it. Just love it. My only question is how hot that top gets with a ranging fire inside. Regardless, this is one of my favorite fire pit designs I’ve seen. Well done, Bryan.


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