The cap slapped shut with a thud and the tunnels expanded. You would never think a labyrinth of this complexity lay beneath the grass, yet the expanding corridors of hinged plates, overlapping gears and pistons steaming drew us toward the cavern, the cavern where we would slap muffin bubbles into these links.

G liulian – A lot of mind-bending and intricate architectural work, but I just love the trees in his painted scenes.

Aporetic Sequence – Instagram follow of the week. Jean Pierre Roy is a Brooklyn-based artist who just had a solo exhibition at Volta Show.

Simple Line – Since we’re talking exhibitions, check out the sweet spirograph-like work of Gao Rong. Absolutely, geometrically brilliant.

Materialization – The intricate laser cut wood sculpts by Gabriel Schama. You can almost smell the wood shavings burn.

Blup – Numbers. Who woulda thought their translucent innards were so beautifully bubbly. Cool, new typography work from TAVO.

Plex – New typeface anyone? IBM was due for an update apparently, so they created their own and documented the process here.

BeatBlender – A machine learning beat maker from Google Creative Lab. Works in the browswer and code is available. Hit ‘Launch Experiment’ in upper right. Drop the beat.

Incense Sticks – 48,000 submissions, from photographers in 115 countries. These are the finalists and winners for Smithsonain’s 15th annual photo contest.

Hide Away – Hiller Goodspeed creates some of the most simple drawings, and they are random and hilarious.

The Prodigy – Luca Stricagnoli walks through container storage yard, playing his acoustic playing three pieces by ‘The Prodigy’ – Invades Must Die, Omen, Voodoo People.

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