The rice grains pelted our faces–our faces shielded by pan-seared tortillas, haha! The joke was on them. Not even the soggy, beef soaked jabs of their tendrils could turn us away. However, we knew the corn-based shielding wouldn’t survive the night, forcing us to sizzle up some charred rabbit fur to weave into the protective shell of the links.

Sergey Kolesov – Thick with intrigue among the sparse detail, like capturing that memory of all those things you’re pretty sure are real.

Yume – Future interface + interactive music creator featuring the sounds from Boston-based ambient electronic artist Helios’ new album.

Ambient mixer – And more samples to mix, but also a good place to find different background music to play through your day.

Useless Web – Press the button. When you’ve reached the eel slap, you should probably stop.

Nature’s Mirrors – Maybe it’s the cooler weather, but these shots by Stan Mason capture reflections in the water and the calm of fall so well.

World Hero – The world probably, coulda, woulda been a bit different if it were not for one man who made a decision not to launch a nuclear torpedo.

Impress – Johnnylist’s list of 19 videos to help you impress others, because, ya know, that’s so important.

Veggie names – Anglophenia’s Kate Arnell teaches us seven vegetables with different names in America and Britain. For example, eggplant and aubergine.

Colorhunt – Beautiful colors everyday. Combos you could use to paint a room, style a website, create a new wardrobe, etc.

Gone – JR JR video by Los Perez, that starts out kinda sad, but quickly changes when people’s legs run off and start dancing.


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