Liniments and soliloquies permeated the ground cover. From whence did the oily salves and voices emanate? The shutter beneath the leaves were a sure sign they were below, and getting closer, ever after the sweet, syrupy, mesmerizing blinks of these links.

Philipp Dobrusin – Got to love Philipp’s art of story telling. This concept artist and illustrator passionate has a knack with castles and the dreary.

Jarren Frame – lookout for this young South African-born painter’s first solo show in New York City. Focused on James Bond and called ‘Bond, James Bond’, the art is mindblowing! Slightly NSFW.

Pixelixir – Chicago-based Pixelixir have adorable 8-bit pixel art house plants, ideal for video gamers who don’t have green thumbs! 

Light Shadow – Sculpting using both light and shadow, artist Kumi Yamashita has mastered the knack of constructing single (or multiple) objects and then placing them in a way to make light / shadow artwork.

Shoplifter – Instagram follow of the week. An Icelandic artist based in New York, artist Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir makes installations out of… hair. More.

THE MOLESKINE PROJECT VIII – The annual Moleskine Project is in its eight edition and is curated by Rodrigo Luff and Spoke Art. It features a diverse group of artists whose creations are all within the confines of a Moleskine notebook.

360 Slow Motion – You HAVE to watch this clip on how a slo-mo camera captures the nuances of a ball falling into colored liquid and the kaleidoscope of color that ensues.

For All Mankind – An alternate reality, where The USSR reaches the moon first. New show coming to the new Apple TV+ streaming service.

Reign (in Jazz) – Reign, the classic by metal band Slayer, in Jazz. Note: Not actually them playing it jazz style, but Andy Rehfeldt playing it, with all instruments played and recorded himself.

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