A look out from the starboard bow captured the tide rising against a solid metal grate, consuming the water, but bullet-riddled, tarnished by soot and salt from the escaping burst of flames at sea level, repeatedly folded by the waves and battered by these links.

Piotr Jabłoński – His 2D digital paintings capture strange characters and the moments just before something is about to occur.

Hummingbird man – One thing I look forward to when old. Luring hummingbirds in through my kitchen window.

Drum Battle? – Yes please. This pits the US Marine Expenditionary Force Band against the Republic of Korea Army Band. Hit it fellas.

Drunk JCrew – A few extra moments of hilarity for your Friday as this Tumblog clearly revels the secrets to JCrew photo shoots.

Sit or Stand – Long period of standing may be just as bad as long periods of sitting. Gonna die either way. It’s also why I’m typing this laying down.

Donut Selfie – A selfie is just annoying, but a Donut Selfie is a whole different thing. Example plus tuts, yay.

Star Wars B&W – Brilliant black and white photography from Thomas Day, that takes you back through the mind of an 8-year old boy with Star Wars integrated of course.

We haven’t meet yet – Blues and bikes. A collaboration between filmmaker Dean Saffron and blues musician Mojo Webb.


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