The orange popped. Not the color. The fruit. We thought we were the last on the platform, but something down the tunnel let us know otherwise. Its squeal burst the last of our food, then there they appeared, lapping up the juice and garbed in these links.

Isaac Hannaford – There’s just something about good concept ship art that makes everything seem alright. Isaac’s is among the best.

Cave Digging – Ra Paulette has spent the past 25 years doing what you dream about–digging and carving rocks into intricate interiors.

Vortex Spheres – A fun little Chrome WebGL experiment by David Li – Spheres caught in a vorticity field.

MST3K – Bring back MST3K! What is MST3K? Do you have to even ask?

Continuously – Artist Luke Ramsey draws. This is him drawing his unique chararcters one after another without so much as a pause in his pen strokes.

Gluten Free Museum – We do not need any of that horrible grain, ruining perfectly good art. Your gluten-sensitive eyes will thank me.

Origami stop motion – Just lovely. Ross Symons, aka White On Rice, shows just what can be done with a piece of colored paper, a camera and a little time.

Hand painting – Russell Powell takes finger/hand painting to the next level with detailed portraits he then transfers to paper. Definitely check out some of the video.

Anima – An orb, projection mapped that continuously “modifies sound and visuals as it reacts to and forages in its environment.” Trippy.

How to Read A Classical Book – Mara Beckman provides insight into how to read one of the classics in classical McSweeney style.

Where They From – Yeah, we’re gonna play some Missy E. Choreographed oddness, dope beat and dancing puppets.

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